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Oakley TwoFace™ - OO9189-05-135

by Oakley
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OAKLEY Sunglasses for Sport & Lifestyle

OAKLEY EYEWEAR TECHNOLOGY: Oakley High Definition Optics (HDO) is the result of the best and latest patents of optic technologies. The special developed Oakley lens design offers you the most precise vision. The correction of the prismatic and refractive aberration Oakley Sunglasses will have a perfect vision without any distortion. Concerning comparisions according to ANSI Z87.1-standards with other manufacturers Oakley HDO achieves best results and also it is verified by an aviator magazine "Privat Pilot" for example. 

UV-PROTECTION: Oakley-Sunglasses obtain one of the best blocker against dangerous UV radiation. The Oakley UV-filter is directly integrated into the plutonite plastic lens material. Therefore UVA-, UVB- and UVC-rays as well as destructives blue light till 400nm will be blocked 100%. Conventional sunglasses obtain a thin protection layer on the surface of the lens. The surface can easily be scratched and the UV-protection can't be guaranteed. Thus the UV-blocker neither depent on the colour nor the tint. Also entirely bright Oakleylenses contains a perfect UV-filter. Oakleys strong curved lenses cover a good part around the eye and avoid therewith incoming lateral rays.

SKU: OO9189-05-135